Financial Capability

Lessons in Financial Education

Girl and teacher working at a computer in a classroom

LiFE gives students financial education on a ‘learning by doing’ basis through accessible e-learning.


The LiFE Programme has been developed to ensure more students gain invaluable financial awareness. Despite the inclusion of Financial Capability in the National Curriculum, schools continue to experience difficulty allocating time and space in the curriculum to deliver financial education. Mapped to the coverage in Mathematics and Citizenship, this flexible programme accessible anywhere, meets the current restraints on teacher’s time and resources, while giving students key life skills.  

The LiFE Programme does not rely on timetabled teaching time, requiring minimal intervention by teaching/support staff; in fact, students will be able to use tutor/mentor time, after school clubs and a host of enrichment opportunities to access the programme. Students can study at their own pace on an online learning platform that really engages them with the content.

Starting from just £10 per student, the LiFE Programme enables students to receive financial education at a fraction of the cost of formal qualifications.