• The role of standards in enabling safe and efficient payment systems

    07/03/2017Stephen Lindsay
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  • International assignments in financial services: Why sending staff overseas is a strategic requirement

    01/03/2017Phil Renshaw
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    Man walking through skyscraper
  • The Equivalence Charade? US banks facing an awkward Asian choice?

    27/02/2017Peter Hahn
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    Man giving a lecture
  • The 1976 IMF crisis: What parallels are there with Brexit?

    27/02/2017Richard Roberts
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  • The drive for payments collaboration: How the fight against terrorist financing and money laundering is evolving

    23/02/2017Neil Lover
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    debit card
  • Beyond financial services: Identifying alternative career paths

    22/02/2017Nadim Choudhury
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    internship compressed
  • Studying CeMAP Diploma: One month in and going strong

    21/02/2017Michael Nicholls
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    Michael Nicholls
  • Defined pension benefit funds: Are they wearing thin?

    14/02/2017Ashok Gupta
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    compressed business-money-pink-coins
  • 2017 Henry Grunfeld Lecture: Rt. Hon. Lord Alistair Darling speaks about the current economic climate

    10/02/2017Eoghan Hughes
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  • Creating a Community of Practice: How can you apply theory to practice?

    09/02/2017Trevor Russell
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    Office Meeting
  • President Trump, financial reforms and changes to the Dodd-Frank banking law

    07/02/2017Dr Peter Hahn
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  • The digital payments revolution: What are the key questions for payment professionals?

    07/02/2017Michael Aragona
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  • NSS 2017: The importance of getting your student voice heard

    06/02/2017Ryan Ciecko
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    Students talking during uni class
  • CertPay: Why is a qualification in payments important?

    31/01/2017Karen Lines
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    Professionals having a meeting
  • Recession – what recession? Corporate Insolvency numbers herald a recession in Insolvency Markets

    26/01/2017Dr Keith Pond
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  • Tips for job interviews: How to develop power and influence during job interviews

    25/01/2017Nadim Choudhury
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    Woman in office suit speaking to others
  • Applying for UK university: You've applied for uni, so what's next?

    17/01/2017Natalie Peters
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  • Certificate in Principles of Payments: Meet the authors and technical reviewers

    17/01/2017Jennifer Edwards
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    Paying by credit card
  • The Brexit Diary: What if we had a referendum on England winning the world cup? Brexit and the banks in 2017

    12/01/2017Peter Hahn
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    EU and British flags
  • Learning in a digital age: The importance of integrating digital learning into the classroom

    15/12/2016Natalie Peters
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    Children in classroom using laptops
  • Applying for an internship: How to make the most out of your internship

    15/12/2016Harry Back
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  • Undertaking an internship: What's it like to do a summer internship?

    13/12/2016Harry Back
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    Harry Back
  • Making lending decisions: Fast and probably looking at Facebook

    29/11/2016Ouida Taaffe
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    Lenders may be able to assess your facebook as part of their approval process
  • Career mentors: How can you find a mentor and what difference does it make?

    24/11/2016Liam Mandeville
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    Having a mentor can help your career progression
  • Developing career resilience: 6 steps to building career resilience

    22/11/2016Nadim Choudhury
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    Man working in office
  • Financial Capability: What’s it like to study the Certificate in Financial Studies?

    16/11/2016Callum Abbott
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    Callum Abbott with his class mates
  • Back to basics: the benefits of supply chain finance

    15/11/2016Karen Lines
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    Supply chain finance
  • Financial Capability Week: Financial education – building resilience beyond the classroom

    14/11/2016Alison Pask
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    Students learning FInanciaL Capability
  • The US Election diaries: What does Donald Trump's win mean for banking and finance?

    10/11/2016Peter Hahn
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  • New year, new you: Why career development should be your New Year's resolution

    10/11/2016Natalie Peters
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